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Building kingdom churches, developing kingdom relationships

Barnabas Fellowship of Churches is an international network of churches called together to share vision & resources and to work with Christ in the building of His Kingdom.
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The Turning

An exciting evangelistic movement that is now spreading across the UK and abroad! As we immerse ourselves in God's presence and seek to empower you to proclaim Christ confidently within your towns and cities - join us and see lives changed in your local community. Get involved in this outpouring in several locations across the UK

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The Quest

Have you harboured a dream that you don’t seem able to pursue? Do you want to launch a ministry, start a new business, or take a hobby to the next level but don’t seem to be able to break through? If the answer to that question is yes, and you harbour a pioneering adventure in your heart, then this school is undoubtedly for you. Designed to be predominantly online to enable those at work to join in, this School builds on key scriptural revelations that unlock some of the mental and emotional blocks that hinder the pursuit of dreams and focuses on supernatural personal transformation as the catalyst to breaking through in personal aspirations in ministry.